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About Me

Thanks for visiting!  My name is Donielle Mason Kazim.  I homeschool my three daughters and was homeschooled all the way through highschool myself!  I even helped homeschool my seven younger siblings.

We call sunny South Florida home.

I graduated from our rather large family homeschool in 1992.  There are eight of us.  I am the oldest and therefore was often referred to as the “guinea pig”.   The experiment was successful, and I got a B.A. in Music from Palm Beach Atlantic University in 1997.  It wasn’t as much fun as I thought to be an opera singer, so naturally, I went to law school.  I graduated from St. Thomas University Law School in 2000, and married the funniest guy I know the same year.  This Jack Black doppelganger loves Jesus as much as I do, so we have been serving together in children’s ministry for 24 years, including kids in rural Jamaica and in Haiti. 

We have three daughters, or dolls as they are referred to here, currently ages 19, 16, and 5.  You read that right.  Life is full of surprises!  I don’t have enough to do though, so I teach other homeschoolers logic, government, literature, writing, and a little music and art appreciation.  I started an amazing co-op with a couple of cool chicks that became my best friends.  Everyone is always asking how we do what we do, so I blog about it here at, especially the parts about raising girls, classical and Charlotte Mason style homeschooling, and traveling with kids.

We are all about classical education, Charlotte Mason, and the best experiences for wiggly learners over here at Never a Doll Moment!

The most important things in my life are bringing God glory with the gifts he has given me and raising women that love Jesus and will follow him anywhere.  Iced tea and very dark chocolate are kind of important, too. 

I have served at Rio Vista Community Church (PCA) for 30 years and don’t see any reason to stop now.  They serve very tasty snacks to volunteers.  I practice law part-time, mostly teaching homeless women and others who cannot afford a lawyer, to navigate the legal system.

Donielle Kazim
Donielle Kazim

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