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You are Inadequate to Homeschool

  • March 21, 2020
  • By Donielle
You are Inadequate to Homeschool

Let’s be honest about moms and dads.  None of us know everything about everything.  But neither does any classroom teacher.  Do I know enough to be able to homeschool my children?  You have undertaken an awesome responsibility.  As your children’s teacher, your heart has to be right with your own Heavenly Father. What has happened to this generation where so many are falling away from faith? Let’s not have them walk away from faith because we are hyprocrites – because we serve Jesus with our lips and deny him with our behavior.  The battle for our culture, and the battle against a failing educational system is really a battle for our children’s souls. The church of God appears to be losing ground. The good news is that God is at work. And He is at work in the homeschooling movement.

Everyone sees our kids as different. The world thinks that it is homeschooling that has made the only difference, but it is Christ in them that they are attracted to. And homeschooling has been the vehicle to saturate them in it. I have seen homeschool trends come and go, and the most damaging trend was a pervasive legalism that is thank fully on its way out. Homeschoooling won’t save your kids.  Don’t think for a second that a curriculum, a method, or a philosophy will save your children.  What homeschooling will do is give you an opportunity for real character building, discovery of truth, fuel for gut level discussion, and the opportunity to choose what your child read and when.

If you want to homeschool, be all in. Don’t do it half heartedly. Don’t be distracted by the world while you try to do this monumental task. And if you feel inadequate to do it; if you feel intimidated by the task, that is because you are inadequate. That we can and should do it all is a lie of the enemy. You are not going to be able to create an awesome education for your children all by yourself. And THAT is why homeschooling works! It drives us to our knees. We are forced to rely on the Holy Spirit.

Examine the assumptions behind everything we do in education. As 1 John 4:1 says, test the spirits. And if you don’t think there are spirits at work in our education system, think again.

We are inadequate, but we know the One who is always sufficient and He is our loving Father.  Rejoice, pray, and homeschool with all your might, as unto the Lord.

By Donielle, March 21, 2020
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  • Donna
    March 21, 2020

    And I would add, do not let “I can’t” be an easy out for you. Thanks for the blog!

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