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Unique Baby Shower Gifts

  • August 15, 2017
  • By Donielle
Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Rainbow Baby was such a surprise blessing and everyone around us celebrated, too.  We received the loveliest, most generous gifts.  Some were so creative and interesting that I just have to share.  If you love to give an unexpected, fun baby shower gift, this is the list for you!

  1. Organics.  I love the idea of buying organic everything for my vulnerable little one, but could not afford it.  The gifts of organic cotton outfits, diapers and Water Wipes (natural wipes with no harsh chemicals) was wonderful!

    These handmade mobiles can be found on Etsy! Look for DKrumbine.

  2.   Handmade Mobile.  A fun touch to nursery decor, a one of a kind mobile makes a great gift.  A beautiful mobile does for a nursery what a chandelier does for a dining room.  Mine is from my sister at Sparkle Boutique of DKrumbine on Etsy.
  3.   Organizers.  Pretty dresser and drawer organizers were another thoughtful gift.  I got small, foldable ones for sorting booties and hats inside the drawers and fancier, jeweled ones for on top of the dresser.  I put small baby necessities in the jewel handled jars.  The fancy framed necklace holder was perfect for Rainbow Baby’s headbands.  All this sparkly stuff came from the Etsy Sparkle Boutique, linked above.

    I used the frame necklace holder for all those cute baby headbands.

  4.  Electric Nail trimmer.  Confession time – I never cut my baby’s nails.  When my oldest was a baby I cut too far and her tiny finger bled.  I could never touch a baby nail with clippers again.  My sister had to do it for me.  Now she has three children under four so Aunt Donna’s baby nail salon is not open this time around.  So I needed another solution.  I could go all cavemom and nibble her nails.  But no need to with a battery operated nail trimmer.  Like a tiny soft grinder, a spinning disc gently rubs off the excess nail.  Hooray for a painless baby manicure!
  5. Keychain personalized for moms.  Another gift by another of my sisters, a mom keychain has your kids’ birthdates (or names).  Mine is hand stamped, custom from Etsy shop Coastal Ayers.  Personalized gifts have always been my favorite.  Maybe it is because, no matter how hard I looked, my name was so unusual that I never found it on those cool racks of personalized items in retail establishments as a kid.

    Great stuff like this at Coastal Ayers on Etsy.

    6.  Camping high chair.  A highchair that folds into a bag, just like a comfy camping chair is an amazing invention.  Not just for camping, its portability makes it ideal for tossing in the car to take on a picnic or to grandma’s house for dinner.

    7.  Baby dress of old prom dress or college t-shirts.  My sister took my mom’s old 70’s velvet prom dress and made a cute baby dress for my daughter.  She also takes old sports and college tshirts and makes them into cute outfits for her toddler.  Patterns and tutorials for this abound on Pinterest.  One of my sisters once took her bridesmaid dress from my wedding and made it into a toddler dress for my oldest and throw pillows for her little bed.  To see something nostalgic like that repurposed into something useful is heart-warming.

    This is the perfect newborn slogan: Straight Outta Mommy.

    8.  Funny onesies.  Rather than just the standard onesies, no matter how cute it is to see a kid sporting “I Love Mommy” or “Daddy’s Princess”, a onesie with a slogan that fits your sense of humor is sure to be a favorite gift.  I love the one that says “Straight Outta Mommy” or the one my daughter crafted that says “Got my mind on my mommy and my mommy on my mind.  Laid back.”  I’ve got my eye on one right now with a little girl walking a “pet” AT-AT Imperial Walker (I hope there are Star Wars fan out there so that someone appreciates how great that idea is).  See my post on making your own funny onesies and shirts.

    My favorite onesie!

    9.  Nursing bras.  This is a luxury I rarely indulged in with my babies. But my sister (yet a different one; I have 5 of them, plus two sisters-in-law that are just like sisters) bought me the prettiest, most comfy wire-free ones by Cakye, off Amazon.  I am not sure why I tried to live without them!  And for less than $20 they are a steal.  Throw some nursing ice packs in that gift, too, like Lanisoh’s TheraPearl 3 in 1 Breast Therapy or Bamboobies super soft and sustainably produced nursing pads.

    Happy baby gifting!

By Donielle, August 15, 2017
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