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Road Trip Car Fun

  • September 25, 2017
  • By Donielle
Road Trip Car Fun

Since we evacuated (that is, hopped in the car and drove north for two days) when it looked like a category 5 Irma was heading straight for us, I have road trip activities on my mind.  If you have read my blog for any length of time, you’ve probably figured out that I am not a fan of children staring at screens.

Both of my older dolls own Kindles, so I am not opposed to the thoughtful, intentional, and educational use of electronics by children.  But, very special circumstances aside, I am aghast at the electronic babysitters at every other dining table and vehicle that I pass.  Boredom is a prerequisite to creativity.  But it does not hurt to provide some boredom relievers when enclosed in a vehicle for long waking hours, lest that newly birthed creativity take the form of mischief.  To that end, let me mention a few resources for fun with a purpose.

Activity Books has lots of fun road trip printables, including license plate bingo, battleship, and road sign bingo.  Printing off a stack ahead of time can be hours of fun.  For young vehicle enthusiasts, there is even Car Bingo for finding dump trucks and VW Beetles.

For older kids try this fun time filler – colorable stickers.  Be sure to pack fine-tipped markers to go along with this fun activity.

422088: Psalm 103:2 Colorable StickersPsalm 103:2 Colorable Stickers

For younger kids that like stickers books, Usborne’s Sticker Dolly Dressing series is self-contained amusement.  The Historical Sticker Dolly Dressing books are fun and educational!  My girls enjoyed putting the Victorian dresses, 1920’s costumes, and 1940’s uniforms, among other eras, on the figures portrayed in various period activities.  Usborne has a beautiful Victorian Doll’s House sticker book and Costumes Around the World Sticker Dolly Dressing books that follow the same format.  More of these fun books are added to the collection each year.

Also by Usborne, their Art Sticker Books pair stickers of great works with a touch of art history and funny illustrations so well that children barely know they are learning.  There are several books in this series, as well as a simpler version for youngsters.  Story of Art Sticker Book is our favorite so far.

Melissa and Doug also have lots of fun coloring and sticker pads for decorating paper faces, dolls, rainforests, pizzas, and our favorite:

042390: Sweets and Treats Sticker PadSweets and Treats Sticker Pad

Those mini Dover activity books acquired at Cracker Barrel rest stops were always a favorite with my younger siblings. Dover has many fun activity books for all ages including downloadable ebooks such as Jellybean Tiaras and Other Jewelry You Can Eat.  Check out maze books like AREA 51 UFO Maintenance and Repair Manual Activity Book or something different like Word Play: Write Your Own Crazy Comics.


Books on CD are terrific for the whole family.  We have “read” classics like The Phantom of the Opera and new titles like The Island of Dr. Libris on long road trips to other states or on the drive through the state to Disney World.  It is easy to discuss books and big ideas when your audience is captive, belted in, with nothing else to do!

Enjoy our best-loved road trip resources, and my post on our California Road Trip, and check out our affiliate links, if you wish.  Happy trails!

By Donielle, September 25, 2017
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