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Planning a Mom’s Night Out

  • September 19, 2016
  • By Donielle

After a very busy, yet very productive year of co-op I wanted to reward the moms with some “us” time.  My fun idea?  Put together a food tour.  My goal was to find a couple of delicious, but affordable food stops that offered unique culinary experiences and had a little something for every dietary restriction.  And it needed to offer experiences that were worthy of

Our area is known for our amazing Cuban food!

Our area is known for amazing Cuban food!

my endorsement as a foodie and out of the ordinary for these moms of big families that do not get out as much as they deserve.

I started with a foodie’s best friend – the Yelp app.  If you do not have Yelp downloaded on your phone AND you like to try new places, stop and do so now!  I picked out a list of one dollar sign places ($) with lots of stars and good reviews, where we could have light bites.  I did not want us to have big entrees if we were going to hit multiple hot spots.  I also had in mind to introduce the gals to a place or two to steal a date with their honey.

Then I narrowed them down by area of town.  I mapped out a route on google maps to estimate how much time it would take, arranged for my bestie to drive her big van and set a date that most of the co-op moms

How I feel about dessert

How I feel about dessert

could attend (If getting a get together date for your homeschool mom friends feels like herding cats, you are not alone!).  I even invited a few other homeschool moms we do life with.  We had a terrific time dressing up a little, heading downtown, and feeling a little in touch with the world outside our neighborhoods.

We met at my house for some funky appetizers from a spot I like that does only take out and was a little off our path.  We headed off for South African savory pies, but since we were running late the spot closed before we got there.  One friend had to drive her own van because she could not stay for all the stops.  She was parked one spot away and when we got back in our vans we heard the dreaded sound of an engine that will not turn over.  We looked over and Tatiana was looking down intently at her steering wheel.  One mom from our van exclaimed that Tatiana’s vehicle will not start.  Another remarked that she must be praying.  So I chime in, “Let’s pray for her van to start.”  We all said a heartfelt prayer.  As we say “amen” a pickup truck rolls out from the spot on the other side of Tatiana’s van, being pushed by two guys!  Turns out Tatiana was putting the next spot in her GPS.  Her van had been running the whole time!  And she was just waiting for us to back out so she could follow.

After some good laughs we stopped at a gourmet sandwich restaurant for our main meal.  Then on to a nitrogen ice cream parlor, topped off by a trendy coffee shop.

Like all relationships that we value, friendship with our girlfriends must be nurtured.  We need them.  And they need us.  I for one do not want to end up a lonely old lady because I was too busy to invest in friendship.  Let’s plan some fun! moms-night-out-food-tour

By Donielle, September 19, 2016
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