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On a Babymoon

  • May 17, 2017
  • By Donielle
On a Babymoon

We just returned from a glorious weekend in the Florida Keys.  Just my husband and I.  It came on the heels of a big production of Beauty & the Beast that my children were involved in.  It was sandwiched between that and their dance recital, co-op final exams and reaching that magic full term window of 37 weeks.  My dolls, 14 and 11, handled their schoolwork and schedules on their own, with a little help from their aunt and uncle.  I always recommend getting away as a couple.  But getting away just before a big life event, like the birth of another child, makes the time alone together especially sweet.

I do admit that the sound of the term “babymoon” sounds a little yuppie.  But the idea of getting away as a couple once in a while is an investment in your marriage that pays hefty dividends.  As my sister pointed out to me today, connecting well with the guy who will be coaching you through the monumental event of birth is a really helpful idea.

Getting away together is team-building.  It is a retreat.  It allows emotional connection.  And romantic connection.  It forces you out of a routine and reminds you of what attracted you to this man in the first place.  And that is not even mentioning fun!  It is insurance against that fear that when the kids are grown that we will not have anything in common left.

We usually like a beach destination where we can really relax.  Often we spend vacations seeing every possible thing we can see and cramming every minute with fun memories.  But our special times alone together are reserved for mostly unwinding and relaxing.  We enjoyed good eating and snorkeling, too, this time.

It does not have to be expensive or elaborate.  We have found local hotel deals.  And local usually keeps it cheap.  We find someone to watch the kids for us.  It does not have to be long.  Even an overnight is refreshing (though I recommend at least two nights).  It does need to happen, though.  You will return as a better parent, a better spouse, a better human in general!  Treat each other special.  Whatever your spouse delights in, make it happen: bubble baths, foot rubs, dessert, watching the stars in a hammock, sports, a new restaurant outing . . .  Do something out of the ordinary.  Leave the TV off.  Listen to music you enjoyed while dating.  Book a hotel.  But definitely grab that spouse and get away!


By Donielle, May 17, 2017
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