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Oldies Playlist Kids Love

  • September 2, 2022
  • By Donielle
Oldies Playlist Kids Love

I recently noticed that, given the current state of pop music, rock and roll appreciation will need to be taught – just like classical and jazz. I am serious. How else will the kids know the history of rock and roll – how it took down racial barriers in a way the law never could? Before any of that seriousness though, hook them on rock and roll with these fun songs. Here is your playful playlist of fun rock and roll that, if your littles have never heard, they should hear! This is perfect for making clean-up time fun or tapping your toes in the kitchen. I had a little help from my sister, Donna, who spent her childhood harmonizing oldies with me.

Oldies Playlist for Kids

  1. Chantilly Lace. The Big Bopper’s commentary cracks our kids up!
  2. Calendar Girl. A more respectful admiration of yesterday.
  3. Sugar, Sugar. Along with Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch, these songs have all the syrupy nicknames.
  4. Going to the Chapel. Teach them harmony!
  5. Red Rubber Ball. The Cyrkle created the greatest and goofiest after-a-break up song ever, and it applies to so many disappointments – auditions, try-outs, lousy tests.
  6. Yakety-Yak. This is the best clean-up song ever.
  7. Charlie Brown. The Coasters do it again with a song for school clowns.
  8. The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill. My kindergartener loves the unexpected arrival of Capt. Marvel in this Beatles song.
  9. Love Potion No. 9. It smells like turpentine and looks like India ink!
  10. Yes, We Have No Bananas. Paired with Banana Boat, these are not rock’n roll, but fun oldies with good orchestration.
  11. Catch Us if You Can. Sing about running and yelling!
  12. Get an Ugly Girl to Marry You. Because looks aren’t everything.
  13. The Little Old Lady from Pasadena. Beach Boy’s classic.
  14. Who Put the Bomp? Add Wooly Bully for the ultimate in nonsense words!
  15. I’m Henry the VIII, I am. Pure silliness from Herman’s Hermits.

Let us hear your family favorites! Add them to the comments!

By Donielle, September 2, 2022
What will she say next?
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