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Do Something Kind

  • April 17, 2020
  • By Donielle
Do Something Kind

Our next challenge to ourselves, that we would love you to join in with us is very simple: do something kind for someone outside your own home. This may sound difficult at first if you are reading this when the “safer at home” orders are in place, but we have found a number of fun ways to bring joy to others. Friends have dropped off banana bread, ordered a pizza and sent it to a friend, and mailed gift cards to families that have experienced financial troubles. Besides a phone call or video call to check up and send some good vibes, try these three ideas:

1. Make and share face masks!

Try our tutorial. It spells it out pretty simply, even if you haven’t pulled out your sewing machine in a couple of years. We even offer safe ideas for using what you have laying around. Some have donated them to hospitals, pharmacies, and first responders. Others have shared them with friends and neighbors who can’t sew and can’t find any to order, or can’t afford them but need a mask to go to work.

2. Create cards and mail them to nursing homes.

Do you know anyone quarantined in a nursing home or Assisted Living Facility? Do you know an elderly or immuno-compromised person at home that must stay isolated and might be feeling lonely? Create personal letters or colorful greeting cards and pop them in the mail. Try our Starry Night Pop Art Tutorial. A kind or encouraging word goes a long way.

3. Create care packages for kids, with out grown books and puzzles.

My dolls had a blast creating care packages for kids we know by boxing up puzzles, coloring books, activity kits, and books that they had enjoyed when they were younger. Then we ding dong ditched them for the kids to find (with a text to their parents, so mom and dad knew where it came from). Used stuff that feels brand new to another child has as much charm as something from the store. For older kids I sent a text asking moms what genre the kids enjoyed and my girls curated a custom collection.

Those are three simple ideas we have had a lot of fun with. We would love to hear how you spread quarantine kindness!

By Donielle, April 17, 2020
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  • Donna
    April 17, 2020

    We gifted the UPS man some bananas. And we’ve made homemade magnets and mailed them to people to cheer them up since everyone’s at home

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