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Fun Family Photo Challenge

  • April 23, 2020
  • By Donielle
Fun Family Photo Challenge

I hope you are enjoying some fun family time. We have a photo challenge for you! But first, here is another film challenge result for you to enjoy. In this one Vintage Doll attempted to tell a story in under a minute.

With that fun as inspiration, let’s get the whole family involved in something with lasting memories to put in our scrapbooks. Are you ready for an easy, effortless family activity/game/challenge? It is photo challenge time! Get our your cell phone cameras. There is a pretty good chance you have them out anyway. So let’s put them to good use. Any camera will work. Each participating family member needs some way to snap a picture.

Choose your words

The first step is to create the theme for your photographs. Don’t tell your family what this is for. Just ask them to choose a descriptive word. Red. Happy. Valuable. Alone. You might want to reserve the right to censor! Write down the words. Put the words in a hat or bowl and randomly select one word. Decide on a time limit in your own mind. Fifteen minutes? Due at the dinner table? Then announce the challenge. We selected “monumental”.

Your Mission

Snap a photograph that embodies or represents the selected word. Set a timer or announce the time due and let them loose. The charm of this challenge is that it is easy enough to draw in reluctant family members and deep enough to satisfy ones that are looking for something meaningful to do.

Extra effort was put into this photo challenge entry!

The results in our house were as varied as the personalities are. Our toddler choose the back of her dad’s head. Someone drove to an actual monument in our neighborhood and snapped a picture. We had a Lego Big Ben as an entry, a fake Titanic relic, complete with an invented newspaper article, and a monumental moment in a baby’s life.

To choose a winner we each voted for first, second, and third place. We assigned three points for first, two points for second, and one point for third. We added up points and crowned our winner.

photo challenge
First place was tied in our Family Photo Challenge.

Of course, this fun activity can be changed in a number of ways to suit your family. We displayed the photographs by Chromecasting them to the big living room TV. The important thing is to surprise the family with a little togetherness fun. And don’t forget to bake some cookies! Judging the contest over warm cookies and milk helps to make sure there are no sore losers!

By Donielle, April 23, 2020
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