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Field Trips: Disney World – Hollywood Studios

  • November 25, 2016
  • By Donielle

I have one more park to write about.  I saved it for last because it is in such a state of renovation right now that unless you are a Star Wars fan, there is no point in visiting at the moment.  But I am a Star Wars fan.  So are my husband and kids.  That makes this a no brainer park for us.  So how do we find educational value here?  It does require some creativity.  Here are a few suggestions.

Hollywood Studios has fun street shows on the main streets.

Hollywood Studios has fun street shows on the main streets.

First, the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular is a thrilling look at how those action packed movies are made.  This show did something pretty cool for my little one.  She would sometimes get nightmares over the silliest things she saw in the movies.  I never let her watch anything truly scary.  It was things that would not scare a bunny rabbit that bothered her.  A tractor?  Most kids love them.  Not orcs or wargs, mind you.  Just talking animals and toasters.  This show breaks down a number of stunts from Raiders of the Lost Ark.  When she saw how these were done, lots of screen related fears vanished.  Knowledge was power!

The Great Movie Ride is nostalgic for older adults and educational for kids.  I gave my dolls a sheet of paper and a pen.  They had to guess the year of each film.  The winner got a Mickey Ice Cream bar.  It was hilarious how off my teenager was.  I swear she thought every movie was made in the 60s or 70s.  She thought the ride traveled through the movies

The Art of Animation currently houses all things Star Wars.

The Art of Animation currently houses all things Star Wars.

chronologically.  It is actually by genre.  The narrator gives a few dates, so they get those as a bonus if they are paying attention.  And we have borrowed a few of the classics from the library because the ride made us curious.

Rockin’ Rollercoaster is the best ride in Disney World.  It is refreshing, invigorating and downright exciting.  So, I am obliged to find some educational reason to ride it several times in a row.  The “lobby” contains an actual collection of concert tee shirts and posters.  We spent some time in line (or if you are from New York apparently we were on line) trying to read the absurd fonts and discussing the change in taste and styles through the years.

The last of the educational activities is Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream.  This is a little museum of Walt’s journey.  It is very inspiring for your budding inventor, artist or entrepreneur.

I look forward to the big Hollywood Studios expansion!  Meanwhile, any other educational ideas?

By Donielle, November 25, 2016
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