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Easy Back to School Cake Pops

  • September 1, 2017
  • By Donielle
Easy Back to School Cake Pops

I am always sad when summer ends. I have to create back to school traditions to help me get excited for the new school year. Fall foods have a way of soothing that sadness and cheering me up with their pumpkiny-cinnamony-appley sweetness. We found a really cool and fairly simple class treat – Apple Cake Pops with pencil sticks! The secret to their simplicity? Donut holes!

“Pencils Pops” toppers for the end of the unsharpened pencils!

First you need unsharpened pencils to serve as the sticks for the cake pops. On line or at craft and cake supply stores you can find little plastic pieces that fit on top of the unsharpened pencil and have a point at the other end to easily spear and hold the cake part usually called “Pencil Pops”.

Next my oldest doll whipped up a few quick fondant leaves and stems.  Laffy Taffy, Airheads or colored Tootsie Rolls can also be used, they are just heavier and don’t

Small packages of precolored fondant are available for quick leaf and stem creation.

hold their shape for long in the south Florida heat.  You can buy green fondant and use food coloring to turn just a bit of it brown for stems.

Then come the donut hole portion of our fun activity!  Do not use the powdered donut holes.  The powdered sugar causes the frosting to peel right off.  And the puffy, hollow sort of donut holes, made by yeast rising the donuts, are too odd

shaped and irregular to look much like apples.  Your best bet are the chocolate and vanilla cake donut holes.  A blueberry and a pumpkin variety of donut holes worked well, too.

The “frosting” for the apple pops is actually a melted candy coating.  Candy melts are easily and quickly melted in the microwave and ready for dipping.  We used red candy melts and green candy melts to look like red delicious and granny smith apples.  We speared the

Wilton makes candy melts in assorted colors.

donuts holes and dipped them into the melted green or red candy melts and then placed them on top of the pencils.  You will either need to push the pencils into styrofoam or place them in short glass cups (like tumblers or juice glasses) or in coffee mugs.  Plastic or styrofoam cups are not sturdy enough to hold up the cake pops.  They cannot be laid down until they are dry.

While the candy coating is still drying is the time to place the fondant leaf and stem on the top to create the apple effect.  They take 15 to 20 minutes to dry.  When the candy coating is hardened they can be laid down or a tray, though they look their best propped up in cups.  Enjoy these fun treats and the pencil to keep after the pop is gone!

Supplies List:

1 package (about 12) unsharpened pencils

Project supplies!

1 (12) package of Pencil Pop toppers

1 package red candy melts

1 package green candy melts (optional)

1 small package green fondant

1 dozen donut holes

Mugs or glasses for drying

Microwaveable bowl for melting



By Donielle, September 1, 2017
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