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Do You Need Homeschooling Help?

  • August 12, 2018
  • By Donielle
Do You Need Homeschooling Help?

Though the kids are enjoying the summer fun of splashing in the pool and staying up a little later, we moms have our eyes on back to school planning, shopping, and organizing.  All this hard work made me wonder, are there questions or problems out there that a second generation homeschooler could answer for you?  Can I help?

Pam Barnhill, of Your Morning Basket Podcast did that once. And I got a great answer to my question, so I am offering the same to you!  Ask me anything about homeschooling or raising girls in the “Comments” section. I will answer or connect you to a resource that has the answer.  Fire away!  I am ready to help!

What homeschool moms feel like in August!

And while we are talking about answering questions, here is something fun!  Vintage Doll is studying for her SAT this summer.  So I have been thinking of ways to grow and stretch her mind and help her think outside the box. Though some may say my kids don’t even know there is a box which makes them creative and funny, sometimes.  I am posting a question each week, for you to ask your kids to get their brain primed for getting back into the studying groove.  It is my gift to you.  If you would like the answer, just post in the Comments and I will get it right to you!  Of course, I can’t put the answer right there in the post because my kids read my blog and they have to answer the question, too!

A Thinking Challenge for Kids

What everyone else feels like in August.

This week’s thinking question: Put a mark at the end of a piece of paper labelled “One million”.  Now put a mark at the other end of the paper labelled “One Trillion”.  Ask your kids to make a mark representing “One billion”.  Where on that scale should it go?

By Donielle, August 12, 2018
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