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DIY Sand or Glitter Switchplate and Outlet Covers

  • August 30, 2018
  • By Donielle
DIY Sand or Glitter Switchplate and Outlet Covers

We spent several weeks this summer doing some room re-dos.  The former guest bedroom became my oldest daughters bedroom for the first time!  She came up with this great DIY for awesome outlet covers and switch plate upgrades.  It was so cool, I asked her to share the how-to with you.  So enjoy this guest post by Faith Kazim:

Lightly sand

Step 1: Lightly sand surface

This summer, I got my own room! We painted it a really pretty teal, got a loft bed, and added in other fun details. After looking around on Pinterest, one thing I really wanted to do was decorate my outlet covers. I thought that sand covered ones would be really cool, because my room has a slight beach vibe. I couldn’t find any DIYs for it, though, so I modified a glitter DIY.

We want to share this fun craft with you!

Coat with glue

Step 2: Liberally coat with tacky glue

First, take your outlet covers or plates and lightly sand them. Regardless of whether they are metal or plastic, this is a very important step. It creates a rougher surface to glue onto.

Next, spread tacky glue liberally over the whole front of the cover. Sprinkle on the sand thoroughly.

Let dry for at least two hours.

Sprinkle sand on glue

Step 3: Sprinkle a thick layer of sand on the glue. Let dry.

Spread a thick coat of Mod Podge onto the sand.

Let dry at least two hours.

Add another coat.

Let dry at least two hours.

You may want a second coat of glue and sand

If you have bare spots, coat and sprinkle again.

Add another coat of Mod Podge. This is where I sprinkled on white glitter. This is an optional step, but it added a faint sparkle to the sand. Add a good amount, because it will be less visible after the final coat.

Modge Podge on top

Step 4: Several coats of Modge Podge and an optional sprinkle of glitter.

Now seal in the glitter with a final coat of Mod Podge, and let dry.

After every coat, you’ll probably need to wipe the Mod Podge out of the screw holes. If you let it dry there, then you will have a harder time screwing them onto the wall.

Depending on the quantity of sand and Mod Podge you add, you may need more or fewer coats of Mod Podge. By the end, though, you want to be able to rub your hand on the plate, and no sand to rub off.

Finished switchplate

My finished switch plate!

Sand outlet cover

My finished outlet cover!

Enjoy your fun new outlet plates!

PS – It looks great in glitter, too!  My sister did some for her newly decorated room.

Glitter switch plates

Glitter switch plates!

By Donielle, August 30, 2018
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