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Introducing my new Classical Art, Music and Poetry Supplement

  • June 30, 2021
  • By Donielle
Introducing my new Classical Art, Music and Poetry Supplement

In 15 minutes a week, over the course of a year, you can do a pretty awesome job of introducing your K – 12th grade student to the beauty of art, music, and poetry. I use a four year chronological history cycle as the backbone of my curriculum. I coordinate literature, writing, and reading with the era of history that we are studying. Biblioplan is one of my favorite history curriculums because it does all of that for me! I also coordinate art, music, and poetry with our history study. But I understand that may be difficult for most homeschool families. We homeschool in a classical and Charlotte Mason style and love the way she taught art appreciation. Music appreciation can be taught the same way! It is easy to do if you have some simple resources at hand.

Classical Art, Music, and Poetry

In teaching truth, goodness, and beauty, sometimes beauty is the most difficult to teach. To help our Co-op with this, I have created a Classical Art, Music, and Poetry Supplement. This is the way that I have found that helps us contemplate beauty in an effective, regular, structured but efficient, and kid friendly way. We review, once or twice a week, for about six weeks, one poem (always out loud), one painting, and one piece of music. We discuss each a bit and sometimes do a related activity. First, we read a poem aloud. Next, we look at a a painting and talk about it. While playing with other quiet toys we listen to a piece of music and then briefly analyze it. Sometimes we add extra fun. Activities we love include an art coloring sheet, sketching our own version, trying a similar poem, dancing or marching to the music, or reading the poem to music. After six weeks we switch to a new set.

Adding the beautiful to any curriculum is simple and affordable. Classical art, music, and poetry help develop the whole child. Download it and use on your tablet or print it yourself. I would love for you to try it out and let me know what you think. It free in my Store until July 4th, if you use the code SUMMER.

By Donielle, June 30, 2021
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