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Celebrating Advent as a Family

We love Christmas.  And Christmas is best celebrated in little increments, that bolster our anticipation of the big day.  After all, advent means “the coming”.  We celebrate the birth of our Lord, but even as we do, we identify with the Jews who waited for their Messiah with longing.  Advent is a time to examine…

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Donielle By Donielle, November 29, 2016
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Field Trips: Disney World – Hollywood Studios

I have one more park to write about.  I saved it for last because it is in such a state of renovation right now that unless you are a Star Wars fan, there is no point in visiting at the moment.  But I am a Star Wars fan.  So are my husband and kids.  That makes…

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Donielle By Donielle, November 25, 2016
Field Trips: Disney World – Animal Kingdom

Field Trips: Disney World – Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom has a terrific mix of fun and science education.  We never miss an opportunity to ride the exciting rollercoaster featuring the legend of the Yeti – Expedition Everest or the white water rafting adventure Kali River Rapids!  Beware, someone in your boat will get wet!  But do not let that stop you.  They…

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Donielle By Donielle, November 22, 2016

A word on politics

On this election day, and to ponder during the aftermath, I would like to say a word on politics.  Hear me out!  Everyone is so concerned about the presidential election and even the Supreme Court Justices that the president appoints.  I think the average American has missed the point.  The president matters, but the president…

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Donielle By Donielle, November 8, 2016
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Managing Playdates

As I am working here at my computer I am listening to my Sunshine doll and her friend playing in the pool and chatting about life from a 10 year old’s perspective.  They are sipping strawberry cream soda and giggling.  It is the sweetness of childhood friendship in a snapshot moment.   But not all…

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Donielle By Donielle, November 7, 2016
Field Trips:  Disney World – EPCOT

Field Trips: Disney World – EPCOT

Let’s face it.  EPCOT is for adults.  It’s delightful Food and Wine Festival and Garden Festival are the reasons my mother-in-law wants to go to Disney.  People drink their way through the world showcase and skip the science stuff.  Did anyone notice that there is not much shade here?  But there is probably the most…

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Donielle By Donielle, November 3, 2016
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