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Productive Middle School Years

Think back to your middle school years.  Yeah, I do not want to dwell there too long either.  I was a sensitive kid, so everything every other insecure child spewed at me stung badly.  Fortunately, I was homeschooled, so the instances were rare.  But the middle school years are a tremendous blessing to homeschooling parents….

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Donielle By Donielle, October 1, 2016

Backyard Chickens

When my oldest daughter first approached me with the idea of raising chickens I thought she had come up with another grandiose idea that would never come to fruition.  My vintage doll is an idea person.  She has colossal ideas like other people have a glass of water.  It is a regular occurrence.  Her best…

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Donielle By Donielle, September 28, 2016

The Truth About Miscarriage

I want to talk about what no one wants to talk about: miscarriage.  As women we feel many different things when we experience miscarriage:  disappointment, feeling like a failure, feeling physically broken, guilt because we are afraid we did something to cause it, relief over not having to endure a difficult pregnancy, then guilt over…

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Donielle By Donielle, September 27, 2016
Grammar Curriculums

Grammar Curriculums

A review of my favorite grammar programs and curriculum.

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Donielle By Donielle, September 24, 2016
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The Importance of Grandparents

The Importance of Grandparents

Think back to the important and influential people in your childhood.  On my list, right after my parents, come my grandparents.  I was blessed to live in the same state as all of my grandparents and to even know three of my great-grandparents.  My maternal grandmother had slumber parties for us, my paternal grandmother let…

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Donielle By Donielle, September 22, 2016

Planning a Mom’s Night Out

After a very busy, yet very productive year of co-op I wanted to reward the moms with some “us” time.  My fun idea?  Put together a food tour.  My goal was to find a couple of delicious, but affordable food stops that offered unique culinary experiences and had a little something for every dietary restriction….

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Donielle By Donielle, September 19, 2016

Scholarships for homeschoolers

What does nearly every homeschool student really need as they near graduation?  Scholarships!  If you have a student in highschool or know someone with a homeschooled highschool student, forward them this post!  The cost of higher education has become unbelievable. There are three scholarships available exclusively to homeschool graduates.  These scholarships are offered by the…

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Donielle By Donielle, September 16, 2016

What to get done when we can’t get it all done

I encourage parents to aim high.  But there are times in life where we cannot get it all done.  They are times when we are just hanging on.  Fortunately, homeschool schedules can be flexible.  But during times of illness, moves, and life changes school must go on. What should the priorities be?  What are the…

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Donielle By Donielle, September 15, 2016

Choosing extra-curriculars: When Good is Bad

We just went through that very painful process that must be undergone every school year – choosing extra-curricular activities.  When I was homeschooled there were few activities and resources available. Nowadays there is so much out there for homeschoolers that we have a very hard time not overscheduling!  Band?  Dance?  Martial arts?  P.E.? Sewing?  Drama?…

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Donielle By Donielle, September 12, 2016
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