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What to do with Kids in Naples, Florida – for Free!

What to do with Kids in Naples, Florida – for Free!

The dolls and I have been doing overnight trips to Naples, Florida, for 13 years.  We tag along on hubby’s work trips.  It has been a haven of rest for me for years.  I think we have done everything worth doing there.  For sure we have done everything free!  We have annoyed countless clerks with…

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Donielle By Donielle, September 14, 2018

Road Trip Fun

Since we evacuated (that is, hopped in the car and drove north for two days) when it looked like a category 5 Irma was heading straight for us, I have road trips on my mind.  If you have read my blog for any length of time. you’ve probably figured out that I am not a…

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Donielle By Donielle, September 25, 2017
On a Babymoon

On a Babymoon

We just returned from a glorious weekend in the Florida Keys.  Just my husband and I.  It came on the heels of a big production of Beauty & the Beast that my children were involved in.  It was sandwiched between that and their dance recital, co-op final exams and reaching that magic full term window…

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Donielle By Donielle, May 17, 2017

Field Trips: Disney World – Hollywood Studios

I have one more park to write about.  I saved it for last because it is in such a state of renovation right now that unless you are a Star Wars fan, there is no point in visiting at the moment.  But I am a Star Wars fan.  So are my husband and kids.  That makes…

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Donielle By Donielle, November 25, 2016

Field Trips: Disney World – Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom has a terrific mix of fun and science education.  We never miss an opportunity to ride the exciting rollercoaster featuring the legend of the Yeti – Expedition Everest or the white water rafting adventure Kali River Rapids!  Beware, someone in your boat will get wet!  But do not let that stop you.  They…

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Donielle By Donielle, November 22, 2016

Field trips: Colonial Williamsburg

Here is a must do for history enthusiasts: Colonial Williamsburg.  This is a place to learn American history, hands on.  Costumed guides and history re-enactors roam the streets and fill the exhibits and museums.  It is like a very fun time warp back to the Revolutionary War – but with modern bathrooms!  Our dolls enjoyed…

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Donielle By Donielle, October 25, 2016

Field trips: California Road Trip

I might be from the very flattest part of the United States.  Our only hills were former garbage dumps.  So my heart gives a little thrill when I enjoy the diversity of California.  Recently we attended the wedding of my husband’s nephew in San Luis Obispo.  What a quaint college town!  If you have a…

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Donielle By Donielle, October 19, 2016
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Field Trips: San Francisco for Kids

Let’s jet across to the other coast and visit California!  The first thing you will want to do when considering a visit to San Francisco is book your trip to Alcatraz.  Don’t let the fact that this is a prison scare you off.  This is a terrific place for kids and adults, but the spots…

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Donielle By Donielle, October 18, 2016

Field Trips: New York for Kids

One of the greatest “field trips” we have taken was to New York.  Nowhere else offers such variety and so much for free.  Usually you can find a cheap flight.  Hotels though, are a different story.  Stay with any relative, anywhere you can in the five burroughs!  Save up hotel points!  Airbnb! New York is…

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Donielle By Donielle, October 14, 2016
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Planning Incredible History Field Trips

There is reading about a place, then there is actually going there.  Field trips make history come alive!  Think back to those times when you have thought about the sacrifices American soldiers have made for your freedom, versus the visual reminders of a memorial etched with names or the precise rows of crosses at Arlington…

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Donielle By Donielle, October 7, 2016
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