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Best Family Games

  • October 12, 2017
  • By Donielle
Best Family Games

Are you thinking about Christmas gifts yet? I am. Though I do not buy gifts for all of my seven siblings anymore, I do have a fast growing group of nephews and nieces. And since we really like board games for family nights, a board game is always a possibility for a gift for my own children.

Here are a few of our family favorites to check out:

  1.  Zingo.  A sort of bingo game with a fun little machine, this game is perfect for families with pre-readers.  All ages will enjoy playing it along with the littler ones  Each player fills a card with picture tiles.  A brand new version just came out with numbers, for young kids.
787037: Zingo! 1-2-3Zingo! 1-2-3

2.  Apples to Apples.  If you have never tried this game, it is time to add to your game collection!  This is the perfect, simple to learn but loads of fun game for 4 to 10 players.  It is highly interactive for the whole group.  We love this one for when family visits from out of town.  If your crowd has youngsters that will not understand pop cultures references from the last few decades, try Apples to Apples, Jr.

45224X: Apples to Apples JuniorApples to Apples Junior

3.  Cover Your Assets.  This strategy games for families with children over 7, accommodates 4 to 6 players.  The first player to accumulate $1,000,000 in assets wins.  The best part is “stealing” assets from your opponents.  This is my personal favorite.  Read more about it here.

4.   ZAR.  My brother brought this game back from a trip around the world (though it is an American game I am told).  It is only available from the designer, on his website  Think of it as an UNO or Crazy Eights game with super powers.  There are more symbols, more types of wild cards and more that can go either wrong or right.  It moves very fast, takes a little time to learn, but is addictive.

5.  Pit.  This is a family favorite from my childhood.  It is designed like a commodities trading floor, where players shout proposed trades out loud until someone “corners the market” by collecting all nine cards of one commodity.  It is loud and energetic.

010123: Pit, Card GamePit, Card Game

Why games?  Board games force family interaction in a fun, non-threatening way.  Games allow us to see positive and negative character traits as our children compete to win.  Games provide a chance to learn something new in a kinesthetic way.  Hands-on learning makes it more likely to stick.  And family game night make memories in a boisterous, fun, competitive way that leaves family movie night looking like a lonely only child wishing he had someone to play with.  Freshly popped popcorn or a warm plate of brownies helps draw the family to the table for a game or even a puzzle.  The Thomas Kinkade Disney themed puzzles are our favorites lately.  Break out a game tonight and create a memory – maybe even a tradition!

By Donielle, October 12, 2017
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