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What To Do When My Relationship With My Kid Needs Work

My mother once read a biography of Susanna Wesley, mother of the hymn writer and evangelist who founded the Methodist Church.  It described how Susanna Wesley, mother of 19 children, gave each one individual time during each week.  Granted, not all lived to adulthood, but still very impressive. Susanna Wesley, Sower Series I read the…

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Donielle By Donielle, November 30, 2017
What to do when your kid acts up

What to do when your kid acts up

Ever have one of those days with one of your kids?  Then it stretches into one of those weeks?  What do you do when one of you children is consistently misbehaving?  This little blog series will discuss some of the main reasons behind misbehavior and some strategies for correcting behavior. Here is the starting question…

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Donielle By Donielle, November 15, 2017
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