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Passport 2 Identity Weekend

Passport 2 Identity Weekend

A few months ago my 14 year old daughter and I went away for another special weekend.  It was our Passport 2 Identity weekend.  We used the program from Family Life Today.  I started with praying for wisdom and insight into the issues my sweet girl faces.    I picked a date and then I…

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Donielle By Donielle, July 26, 2017
Introducing My Newest Doll: Rainbow Baby (Part 3)

Introducing My Newest Doll: Rainbow Baby (Part 3)

My pregnancy progressed with characteristic morning sickness.  We did not want to announce our pregnancy until we were past the first trimester.  After an exciting announcement like a new baby, it is so difficult to announce a miscarriage.  It was not easy to hide when I threw up several times a day.  My husband finally…

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Donielle By Donielle, July 19, 2017
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